Muay Thai Boxing Samui International Stadium

Experience the Thrill and Power of Muay Thai Boxing at Samui International Stadium!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Muay Thai boxing, a martial art renowned for its elegance and intensity. Revered by the Thai people, this sport demands a serious commitment from its practitioners. A Muay Thai boxer skillfully wields both fists and legs, capable of delivering knockout blows.

The kicks in Muay Thai can target the head, body, or upper legs, with low kicks particularly devastating and excruciatingly painful. Relentlessly utilizing this technique can render a Thai boxer unable to stand on their own legs, sometimes forcing them to concede the match.

Distinguishing itself from traditional boxing, Muay Thai incorporates clinches. Rather than being separated when embracing, fighters in Muay Thai are permitted to unleash knee or elbow strikes on their opponents, even executing powerful throws that bring them to the ground.

Thrilling Thai boxing bouts on Koh Samui await you every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday (subject to change). The action commences at 21:00 in the evening, extending over a thrilling three-hour spectacle. The pinnacle of the evening features the main event, showcasing the most skilled Thai boxers. A typical Thai boxing night encompasses eight to ten electrifying rounds.

Prepare to witness a mix of foreign and Thai fighters, creating an electric atmosphere within the arena. Live commentary and traditional Thai music accompany the fighters throughout the night, enhancing the excitement. Every fight promises an equal dose of exhilaration!


Every Tuesday & Friday
Door open from 8pm – Fight start at 9:30 pm

Stadium chairs are set on tiers, and all have fantastic views

Both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks are served at a very reasonable price at the stadium

Ringside chairs are placed on the stadium floor and right on top of the action

VIP chairs are extremely comfortable sofas

About this tour
  • 3 hour tour
  • Every Tuesday & Friday
  • Free for children up to 5yrs & Half price between 6 to 10yrs

Tour Prices

  • Adults
  • Regular Seat
  • Children
  • Regular Seat
  • Adults
  • Ringside Seat
  • Children
  • Ringside Seat
  • Adults
  • VIP Seat
  • Children
  • VIP Seat


Muay Thai Boxing

Experience the Authenticity of Thai Boxing at Chaweng's Premier Stadiums! Chaweng's Thai boxing arenas stand out as the exclusive venues where you can witness the authentic art of Thai boxing, also known as 'Muay Thai'. Competitors hail from Koh Samui as well as various corners of Thailand. Our stadiums frequently host international luminaries who partake in thrilling bouts. Each fighter undergoes rigorous training and exhibits exceptional fitness. Join us to experience the electrifying atmosphere as these warriors go head-to-head in the ring!


What is included in the price for this tour?

  • Amazing Boxing Stadium Atmosphere
  • 8-10 rounds of fights
  • Muay Thai boxing at its best
  • Action packed evening with regular knockouts

Not Included

What is not included in the price for this tour?

  • If you're planning to embark on this tour, there are a few key details to keep in mind. Kindly note that hotel pickups are not included in the tour price; however, we offer the option to book this service for your group at an additional fee. The cost of hotel pickups varies based on the size of your group. To arrange this convenient service, please reach out to us directly. Our team will be more than happy to assist you in making the necessary arrangements.

What to Bring

What should you bring to this tour?

  • Camera
  • A good mood, life is great!
  • No specific clothing required